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Submitted on
May 31, 2013


825 (who?)
Yeah I stayed up till 12:00 to finally close this. xD YES ITS FINALLY THAT TIME. THE TIME YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. Btw, thanks so much to all of you who joined this. :D You helped me meet a lot of new people as well as helped my art gain more recognition. C: And I thank you a lot for that. ^^ :heart:

But now for the reveal~ And the numbers areee...

1 (oh wow lol)
and 210!

(I actually had a different number after 788 but the person didn't advertise so I had to skip over >< I WARNED YOU ABOUT THE ADVERTISING BRO)

And that means

:iconbluevines: gets 2000 :points:!!
:iconphynix: and :iconunicornicopian: gets 1000 :points:!!
:icontemplehiker: gets 500 :points:!!

Congrats you guys!! :dance: A note will be sent to you shortly as well as your points! ^^

And now I shall be a poor peasant of deviantart with a dying premium membership. :'D But tis alright haha xD

Enjoy your points you four~! And thanks again to all of you who participated. :D


Uhhh sooooo I really have no idea what to do with my points anymore. I'm too paranoid to buy point commissions due to fears of being ripped off and I don't really have a need for premium membership, since I don't really use it for anything other than getting rid of adds and putting a bunch of stuff on my front page, which isn't really necessary. As long as I can post art on here I'm fine! xD

So instead of putting them to waste, I figured I should give them away to people who want them!

Here are the only things you gotta do:
:bulletblack: Fav this journal
:bulletblack: Advertise this giveaway in a journal
:bulletblack: Comment in this journal showing me that you've advertised it (you do need to advertise btw! Or else your fav wont count. I will be checking!)
:bulletblack: Thats all folks! :dummy:

Winners will be chosen randomly from the fav list with a random number generator. If you are chosen first you will win 2000 :points:! If you are chosen 2nd and 3rd you will both win 1000 :points: ! A fourth winner will get 500 :points:!

-This is not a scam. I really don't need my points anymore. Plus scamming is lame ok.
- No cheating please! (like entering with multiple accounts) I will be checking all ya'lls :iconiseewhatyoudidthere:
-Also you don't have to be watching me to be able to win. Anyone can join! :la: but i would like to have more friends QAQ *is lonely*

The deadline to enter will be June 20, 2013. I will announce winners on this date. :)

Good luck you guys!

Btw, this also means that I won't be extending my membership anymore (I'll let you know where I relocate my to-do list) But if you chose to gift me a sub anyway, I might draw you a little something as a thank you gift ;-)

In other news, I recently chose to go to summer school since I haven't had any luck with finding a summer job and I'd rather get some GEs taken care of now that I have all this free time. So I won't have total freedom till July apparently. |D
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princessrad Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013
aw >< congrats to the winners tho! and thanks draggincat ~
DragginCat Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Student Filmographer
No problem! :3
Ryuu-Ou Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013
congrats winners ;D <3
DragginCat Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Student Filmographer
Yeaah! 8D
AJ-Sparx Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
congratulations too the winners!
DragginCat Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Student Filmographer
Yes! :la:
TalaWhiteWolf Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats everyone!!!! :D and thanks Draggincat! :'D
DragginCat Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Student Filmographer
Aw no problem! ^^
TalaWhiteWolf Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Azure-Dragon-Seiryu Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Well not in fav anymore and I'm deleting the journal.
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