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Submitted on
June 18, 2012


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Mon Jun 18, 2012, 4:14 PM

Its finally time! Oh man I had the hardest time judging this. >< Cuz I honestly felt that everyone deserved something and I felt really bad when I didn't choose someone. ;_; Cuz I know how hard you all worked on them and I really enjoyed looking at all of your creative designs. :D*going off topic for a sec* Btw I am REALLY REALLY sorry that I haven't posted anything for the last 2 weeks. I'm still waiting on a commission approval and everything new that I've started on has been taking forever to finish. But I've started to get back to drawing again so please bear with me for a while till I get everything up to speed. ^^;


Remember how I said that I felt like everyone should deserve something, WELL I decided that everyone that didn't get a place or an honorable mention will get a free headshot sketch! :D Just for participating and taking the time to enter in my first contest. <3 Its not much, but its the only thing I can offer due to my limited free time. ^^; That means that there will be 9 headshots. I'll probably post them on the same deviation, I hope thats ok. ^^' The sketches will be digital on a white bg and I'll try to make them clean so you guys can color them in if you want. C:

Now time to announce the winners!

Participants please do not comment on here to tell me what you want for your prize. I will note you in a sec!

Remember that this is a design contest, so art quality and style is not a top priority here. Also please be a good sport! Even if you didn't get a place you'll still get a consolation prize, cuz I really think you all deserve something :heart:

Me and kyogrefan had a pretty lulzy time choosing the winners. He wasn't really specific on why he chose what he chose (he was pretty much "not that one", "not that one", "maybe that one", "that one works" lol) but I think we came to a good resolution. :D I'll explain to you why I chose the particular design just in case.



First is the design for Blietrah. I can honestly say that pretty much all of you were on the spot of what I invisioned Blietrah to look like. xD I'll start with the honorable mention first.

:icondanakona: DragginCat's Contest: Blietrah by Lilylow

This one I really liked. :D  I think the creative description of him really got my attention, cuz I really think it would work well in my world. Therefore I felt like this one should get something special. <3

Second place goes toooo:

:iconnigrecent: Contest entry: Anita and Blietrah by Nigrecent

Nigrecent  was the first person who entered this contest if I can recall xD and I was really amazed how quickly he was able to finish this as well as those long descriptions about them. The creativity and effort in it really astounded me but for first place I really had to go with:

:icontrophyplz: :iconpainted-shadow: Ice monster contest entry by Painted-Shadow :icontrophyplz:

Haha when i first saw this I was like DAYUM that could make a neat battle monster! While I was still deciding on the winner I chose to draw this one in my style and I really like how he turned out, so I chose this one! My bro kyogrefan liked it too so there you go~ :D

For Anita, it was a LOT harder to choose D: I took me like 2 hours to come to a conclusion. x_x But the person who gets the honorable mention is...

:iconkhftw: Anita- Contest Entry by khftw
I loved the color choice of this one. Its simple but sweet :3 Specially that boww <33 My bro and I really though about this one for a while. In the end we couldn't give it a place but I really think it deserves a mention. ^^

:iconpuffleduck: Anita by Puffleduck

I really REALLY like the creativity of this one :D Everything complements with the design really well. ^^ It wasn't what I imagined but I'll tell you that this girl has WAYY better designing skills than me for sure. xD I really debated about making this one first, but I had to give it to:

:icontrophyplz::iconnevaeh-lee: Anita by nevaeh-lee:icontrophyplz:
This one is really DAWW <333 The artwork is really nicely done and Anita looks adorbs. Its really simple too, which is what I invisioned Anita to be. This one also reminisced my old drawings of her as well, but better. xD Plus that bunny is a nice touch too <3 Also the colors chosen are different from the other group members of her supervillain team so I think thats a nice contrast. xD

Anyways congratz to the winners! The first place designs will become my official characters after some minor tweakings in the design. And here is their new picture!: Anita and Blietrah by DragginCat

Here are the other submissions as well, thank you very much for entering my contest! You all get a free headshot sketch for participating <3 :
:iconpiperpie: Contest Entry! Blietrah by PiperPie
:iconhowlingwolfsong: Feline for Sale -CLOSED- by HowlingWolfSong
:iconx--o: Blietrah by X--O
:iconzaksaturday2468: :CE: Blietrah by ZakSaturday2468 Anita by ZakSaturday2468
:iconalma1129: Anita and Blietrah by Alma1129
:iconz-san: Anita and Blietrah by Z-San

If you didn't win first place you are allowed to keep, sell or give away your desgin if you want. :3


:bulletblue:1st place winners will get a colored fullbody character with a detailed background picture by me.
Ex: Com: Rylus by DragginCatCom: Ruki by DragginCat
They'll also get their design featured in a special drawing of mine. :D

:bulletblue:2nd place winners will get a colored chibi character with a simple background picture by me.
Ex: Kiriban Prize for Revansh by DragginCat

:bulletblue: Honorable mentions will get a flat colored character picture by me.
Ex: Extra gift for Puffleduck by DragginCat

I think I'll start with the flat color prizes first and work my way up. I don't think they'll take too long to finish, specially since I have long breaks inbetween my new classes to work on them. xD

If you have any questions feel free to ask me! :D

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PrestoneyngXD Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Student Photographer
Whyd did u give me a lama bage
DragginCat Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Student Filmographer
Because you stopped by my page. :3 I think xD
PrestoneyngXD Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Student Photographer
I did because i was bored
nevaeh-lee Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Wow ;u; first thing ive ever won first place in!
Thanks so much dear<3
And all of the pieces are lovely! Everyone did a great job C:
DragginCat Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Student Filmographer
Ahaww no problem! ^^ It was really hard to judge, but at the end I just had to go with yours. :D
Yeah they are! I'm really glad I hosted this contest c:
nevaeh-lee Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
yes it was a lovely contest! C: and thanks again ;u;
DragginCat Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Student Filmographer
No problem! ^^
Z-San Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh I knew those were going to be the winners! They all look so awesome! Even the ones who didn't win look really great as well. And even if I didn't win, I had a lot of fun with this and also got to draw somehting I wouldn't normally come up with C:
DragginCat Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Student Filmographer
XDD Oh really? Haha I honestly had no idea until I started really judging. xD Then we took the top three that we liked and started debating.
Well I'm glad you had fun! I'll definitely make another contest in the near future so maybe you can try out that one Cx
Z-San Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh that would be nice! I'll look foward to another contest in the future! c:
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