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Human and proud.
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Feel free to browse my gallery. You might find something you like. But don't browse too deep; there are things in here that I am not proud of.

Critiques and favbombers are welcomed :'D

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Artist | Student | Film & Animation


Commissions: Closed! More info here: draggincatscommissions.weebly.… (points and paypal accepted)
Art trades: Go here! (Be warned. I am picky!)
Requests: Never open

Ohey! my name is Draggin and as you can see I like to draw a lot.

I study 3D animation at college but I also like to illustrate as a hobby, which is mostly the stuff you see here~

I hope to be able to do something in animation one day, but I'll most likely end up a garbage truck driver or a car salesman.

Btw I'm very very shy and my self esteem is almost nonexistent, so if you want to talk to me or become friends, you're most likely gonna have to make the first move. |D

:heart: : Fantasy creatures, sci-fi, space, fantasy, cartoons/anime, nintendo, funny stuff, cute things that kill, pretty animu bois, animals that talk, character designing, shitty memes, puns, electronic music, chocolate, seafood

Don't :heart: : Bees, math, close-minded people, when people take me too seriously

 photo faq2_zpsb83fb849.png

Old Account: :iconpuppykat: (won't be updated)
Dumbass bro/partner in crime: :iconkyogrefan: (this is the only person I'm an asshole to so don't worry)
RMD Account:… (won't be updated)
Tumblr: (For doodle dumps)
Youtube:… (for animations)
Character Weebly:draggincatscharacterdatabase.w…

3DS Friend code: 3067 - 5103 - 3387 (message me with your friend code too so I can add ya in my system ;D)
Skype username: Dr.Dragoncat (if ya add me I'll add you!)

:iconplysomonplz: (last one was made by me |D)



- Redo crappy refs/ make separate refs for my characters
- Do splash arts for all of my main chars
- Do that extended flash animation

Fanart suggestions from others~ :D
- Wolf's Rain
- Okami
- No. 6
- Prince of Persia
- Castlevania
- Devil May Cry
- Assassin's Creed
- the Witcher
- Bayonetta
- Soul Eater
- Death Note
- Claymore
- Loveless
- Kuroshitsuji
- Professor Layton
- Minecraft
- Legend of Zelda
- Adventure Time
- Warriors
- Evangelion
- League of Legends
- D.Gray Man
- Captain Claw
- Hamtaro
- Star Trek
- Dangan Ronpa
- Hetalia

These will be done in order by familiarity and during my leisure time. If you wanna see me draw a favorite show, game or character of yours, feel free to tell me! (btw I tend to be really slow getting through this lol sorry xD)

Neato animated pixels/dollies of my chars from others will go here:

Photobucket photo ezimba13456575512200_by_codedred-d6u4hcx_zps1c64012c.gif

 photo plysomon_gift_by_twilighttehcutiefox-d5ybjyh_zps41826c86.jpg
Hey guys! I made an account on Taptastic for my 2 comics: I think what intimidates me most about the site is that most people on there look like they're serious about their stuff while I'm just doing this for the shits and giggles. |D Thats why I feel kinda awkward posting these comics among all these other webcomics on the site. To me a webcomic is something someone puts effort and work into. MINE on the other hand are just... :iconlazycryplz: But anyways feel free to follow me if you have an account there! Or you can read it there if you like :'D

Some of you might not have noticed this, but I actually have 2 ongoing comics. The OTP comic and Sky's Cream Puffs (thats its temporary name, I'm gonna change it soon) You can find them in my Comics subgallery:… Problem is that I update them sporadically (meaning randomly and when I feel like it) so thats probably bad if I actually have fans who follow these comics, but I'll do my best to update ahah.

I honestly was debating whether or not I wanted to make a comic, but I figured that I might as well make something people can remember me by once I'm dead, so you know, yolo. |D Both of these comics have nothing to do with my main story (the one all over my character weebly pretty much), but they take place in the same world and I just figured that these stupid short comics are a good way of showing more about my characters and how they act and such. :'D

The OTP comic is pretty basic and doesnt really have a plot. Its just the same running joke pretty much. xD But it seems like the Cream Puffs comic is going somewhere so heres what i have for it so far:

The basic plot is that Keith has fallen victim to a mysterious deadly ailment and Vlad, Sky and Anita (she hasnt appeared in the comic yet) team up to find 4 secret ingredients to concoct the Omniantibiotic, a serum that can kill any disease or virus, to save his life. These ingredients are found in different parts of the world, so yeah its pretty much a scavenger hunt comic. :"D But I feel like it could help give you guys a better sense of what my characters's world is like.. even if its not presented in the greatest way possible |DD The story wont be that long though so it miiight be possible that I could finish it all the way. xD 

  • A plethora of various side characters that you'll never ever see again! 8D
  • Theres gonna be dragons in here (one of the ingredients requires it :'D) And I know some of you like dragons so theres that~
  • Jake and Plysomon might make a cameo in here, but  they probably won't play a big part. Heck, I might not even give them a line lmao
  • Semen imagery aplenty
  • Despite popular belief this is not a yaoi comic.  |D Its more like an adventure, drama.. comedy.. thing. Theres still gonna be some homo here and there, but its not.. yeah xD
I'm still thinking of a new title for this comic. I kinda want it to be punny.

Also I know I dont ask for trades in a journal anymore, for some reason I really feel like taking an art trade right now x'D Anyone wanna trade? I'll take like one or two people~ If you're interested let me know! (the drawings i want may or may not be comic related heh)

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Hi DragginCat! I wanted to say I really love your art, I've watched you immediately when I saw your gallery. You really inspire me and I adore your OCs! :iconmahfeelzplz: I want to fav your whole gallery, but obviously that would be too much.
that's all I wanted to say... or type.... or whatever......I guess:icontsumugiplz:
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Greetings Draggin! 
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