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Random from My Characters or Art for Me

Giving me gifts and seeing my characters drawn by others make me jizz out of pure happiness. :heart: (no really I'm being serious) These people are all beautiful btw.

If you've drawn a certain character of mine, you can also find your art collected here:draggincatscharacterdatabase.w… on their character pages :D



To-Do List:

For the commission queue, please check your status on my website draggincatscommissions.weebly.…

If you want to know how your commission is doing please don't hesitate to ask me. :)

----Art Trades---- (more info here:… )

Prize Art/ Gifts:


Stuff I'm waiting on:

This isn't a "hurry up and finish it" thing. Its just to remind me what I'm waiting on. And I'm patient so don't worry. c:
Though, if I have to wait longer than 8 months, then I might have to bug you a bit. :'D
Requests and giftarts will not be put on here

:bulletred: :iconjustpeacheyy: - waiting for their part
:bulletred: :iconsaouchi: - waiting for their part
:bulletred: :iconsanguine-tarsier: - waiting for their part
:bulletred: :iconsoronadragon: - waiting for their part
:bulletred: :iconfeligriffin: - waiting for their part



I see you~ :eyes:


Apr 1, 2015
3:26 pm
Apr 1, 2015
2:47 pm
Apr 1, 2015
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Apr 1, 2015
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Apr 1, 2015
1:51 pm

Which pairing of mine do you like better? 

96 deviants said :iconskywinkplz: X :iconkeithfaceplz:
78 deviants said :iconjakexterry1plz: X :iconjakexterry2plz:
28 deviants said Who the hell are those?
19 deviants said I cant tell you how much I want these guys to fight each other


:iconour-pokemon-world: :iconanti--peta: :iconthebeautyofhumanity:
No I havent hit 150,000 yet, but I've decided to do something a bit differently! Instead of waiting for the 150,000 pageview to hit I decided to draw the winner once I hit the 150,000th pageview! So its more like a celebration in a way rather than a kiriban really haha. Therefore this'll give time for people who come across this journal to enter. I probably wont hit the pageview till like a month or a few weeks from now so ya got a lotta time to get your entry in!

I also decided that this might be the last kiriban I ever do. Not to say that I wont have giveaway events like this in the future though!


- You must be a watcher of mine to win. New watchers are welcome too!

- If you've won a kiriban prize from me in the past, you are not allowed to enter, sorry!

- Fav the journal to be assigned a number in the fav list. But dont stop here yet, theres still one more step you gotta do to enter!

- Now heres the fun part. To complete your entry, I want you to draw ANY of my characters wearing a pirate costume. (i got inspired by a commenter on my last journal lmao) All of my characters can be found here: draggincatscharacterdatabase.w… or you can find them in my gallery.  NOW THIS IS NOT AN ART CONTEST. You can draw the crudest, crappiest 5 second scribble ever and it will still count just as much as a 6 hr beautiful sketch.  Drawing a stick figure with orange hair will still look like Jake to me, so dont worry haha. As long as I can tell its my character in a pirate costume, it counts. You can still do a beautiful sketch to wow me though 8D but its not necessary to actually put in effort xD

- Please comment with a link to your drawing on this journal! You can upload the drawing wherever you want (you probably dont want to submit it to your DA gallery, specially if its a crude scribble... unless you want to!) When I draw a number from the fav list, I will check to see if you have submitted a drawing here too. So if you get chosen but I saw that you didnt draw anything, you wont win! So please dont fav this journal unless you're planning to draw something.

- I'll be saving all these drawings so feel free to delete the doodle once this event is over. xD

-There will only be ONE winner drawn! If you win, you will win a prize drawing around this level of quality: Kiriban Prize for Suephy by DragginCat Kiriban Prize for CottonRas by DragginCatKiriban prize for 0okami-rei by DragginCat 

(basically a fully rendered/colored sketch with a background with up to 1-3 characters) So in a way, its like an unfair art trade lol, unless you happen to draw me something beautiful haha.

- Good luck and have fun!



Artist | Student | Film & Animation


Commissions: Closed! More info here: draggincatscommissions.weebly.… (points and paypal accepted)
Art trades: Go here! (Be warned. I am picky!)
Requests: Never open

~ I am always up for professional/commercial work! Keep in mind however that these will be more costly that my normal commission prices since you will be using my work to make a profit. If interested, please contact me at ^^ ~

Ohey! my name is Draggin and as you can see I like to draw a lot.

I study 3D animation at college but I also like to illustrate as a hobby, which is mostly the stuff you see here~

I hope to be able to do something in animation one day, but I'll most likely end up a garbage truck driver or a car salesman.

Btw I'm very very shy and my self esteem is almost nonexistent, so if you want to talk to me or become friends, you're most likely gonna have to make the first move. |D

:heart: : Fantasy creatures, sci-fi, space, fantasy, cartoons/anime, nintendo, funny stuff, cute things that kill, pretty animu bois, animals that talk, character designing, shitty memes, puns, electronic music, chocolate, seafood

Don't :heart: : Bees, math, close-minded people, when people take me too seriously

 photo faq2_zpsb83fb849.png

Old Account: :iconpuppykat: (won't be updated)
Dumbass bro/partner in crime: :iconkyogrefan: (this is the only person I'm an asshole to so don't worry)
RMD Account:… (won't be updated)

Where else to find me!:

Tumblr: (For doodle dumps)
Youtube:… (for animations)
Character Weebly:draggincatscharacterdatabase.w…
Taptastic: (for comics)

3DS Friend code: 3067 - 5103 - 3387 (message me with your friend code too so I can add ya in my system ;D)
Skype username: Dr.Dragoncat (if ya add me I'll add you!)

:iconplysomonplz: (last one was made by me |D)



- Redo crappy refs/ make separate refs for my characters
- Do splash arts for all of my main chars
- Do that extended flash animation

Fanart suggestions from others~ :D
- Wolf's Rain
- Okami
- No. 6
- Prince of Persia
- Castlevania
- Devil May Cry
- Assassin's Creed
- the Witcher
- Bayonetta
- Soul Eater
- Death Note
- Claymore
- Loveless
- Kuroshitsuji
- Professor Layton
- Minecraft
- Legend of Zelda
- Adventure Time
- Warriors
- Evangelion
- League of Legends
- D.Gray Man
- Captain Claw
- Hamtaro
- Star Trek
- Dangan Ronpa
- Hetalia

These will be done in order by familiarity and during my leisure time. If you wanna see me draw a favorite show, game or character of yours, feel free to tell me! (btw I tend to be really slow getting through this lol sorry xD)

Neato animated pixels/dollies of my chars from others will go here:

Photobucket photo ezimba13456575512200_by_codedred-d6u4hcx_zps1c64012c.gif

 photo plysomon_gift_by_twilighttehcutiefox-d5ybjyh_zps41826c86.jpg


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