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Feel free to browse my gallery. You might find something you like. But don't browse too deep; there are things in here that I am not proud of.

Critiques and favbombers are welcomed :'D

:iconreadplz: :iconnocommentplz1::iconnocommentplz2:Check The Gallery... by Timesplitter92:iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2:
:iconnocopy1plz::iconnocopy2plz::iconicommentplz1::iconicommentplz2:thank you for the fav stamp by fear-the-brillianceI REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivionIt's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008I Want a Critique, But.. by gracie-is-a-pie

Random from My Characters or Art for Me

Giving me gifts and seeing my characters drawn by others make me jizz out of pure happiness. :heart: (no really I'm being serious) These people are all beautiful btw.

If you've drawn a certain character of mine, you can also find your art collected here:draggincatscharacterdatabase.w… on their character pages :D


To-Do List:

----Commissions--- (more info here:draggincatscommissions.weebly.… )

:iconkaze1981: - group chibi commission (paid)
- FA commission (waiting for payment)

I usually finish them in order of least to most complex.

If you want to know how your commission is doing please don't hesitate to ask me. :)

----Art Trades---- (more info here:… )

:bulletred: :iconjustpeacheyy: - waiting for their part
:bulletred: :iconsaouchi: - waiting for their part
:bulletred: :iconsanguine-tarsier: - waiting for their part

Prize Art/ Gifts:

Contest Prizes!: (check notes!)
1,2 place prizes,
and 2 consolation prizes.

*Others/ Special Exceptions:*

:bulletred: :icontsuriadragon: animated headshot Tsuria… (waiting for payment/$20)
:iconrylucius:- 1 character ref commission (do not post on account) (waiting for approval)

Stuff I'm waiting on:

This isn't a "hurry up and finish it" thing. Its just to remind me what I'm waiting on. And I'm patient so don't worry. c:
Though, if I have to wait longer than 8 months, then I might have to bug you a bit. :'D
Requests and giftarts will not be put on here

--none pending ;w; --



I see you~ :eyes:


Sep 17, 2014
12:34 pm
Sep 17, 2014
12:22 pm
Sep 17, 2014
12:20 pm
Sep 17, 2014
12:18 pm
Sep 17, 2014
10:57 am

Who are your inspirations? 

9 deviants said However, I'm also a bit of a silent watcher so I rarely talk to the people i watch, mainly because I'm too nervous to talk to people i look up to |DD
9 deviants said Okay I gotta stop writing paragraphs in polls |D
8 deviants said If you have someone you look up to, let me know who they are in the comments and I might follow them too!
6 deviants said I needa find more people to watch :'D
3 deviants said But if I do watch you, you pretty much have a watcher for life. :D I almost never unwatch people unless I have a really good reason to.
1 deviant said But I do fav and look at their stuff tho!
1 deviant said I probably wont be replying to comments this time (unless you ask me a question or something off topic) but i will check out everyone you recommend to me!
No deviants said Keep in mind that I'm REALLY really picky with who i watch, so I probably wont watch everyone you recommend to me


:iconour-pokemon-world: :iconanti--peta: :iconthebeautyofhumanity:




Artist | Student | Film & Animation


Commissions: Closed! More info here: draggincatscommissions.weebly.… (points and paypal accepted)
Art trades: Go here! (Be warned. I am picky!)
Requests: Never open

Ohey! my name is Draggin and as you can see I like to draw a lot.

I study 3D animation at college but I also like to illustrate as a hobby, which is mostly the stuff you see here~

I hope to be able to do something in animation one day, but I'll most likely end up a garbage truck driver or a car salesman.

Btw I'm very very shy and my self esteem is almost nonexistent, so if you want to talk to me or become friends, you're most likely gonna have to make the first move. |D

:heart: : Fantasy creatures, sci-fi, space, fantasy, cartoons/anime, nintendo, funny stuff, cute things that kill, pretty animu bois, animals that talk, character designing, shitty memes, puns, electronic music, chocolate, seafood

Don't :heart: : Bees, math, close-minded people, when people take me too seriously

 photo faq2_zpsb83fb849.png

Old Account: :iconpuppykat: (won't be updated)
Dumbass bro/partner in crime: :iconkyogrefan: (this is the only person I'm an asshole to so don't worry)
RMD Account:… (won't be updated)
Tumblr: (For doodle dumps)
Youtube:… (for animations)
Character Weebly:draggincatscharacterdatabase.w…

3DS Friend code: 3067 - 5103 - 3387 (message me with your friend code too so I can add ya in my system ;D)
Skype username: Dr.Dragoncat (if ya add me I'll add you!)

:iconplysomonplz: (last one was made by me |D)



- Redo crappy refs/ make separate refs for my characters
- Do splash arts for all of my main chars
- Do that extended flash animation

Fanart suggestions from others~ :D
- Wolf's Rain
- Okami
- No. 6
- Prince of Persia
- Castlevania
- Devil May Cry
- Assassin's Creed
- the Witcher
- Bayonetta
- Soul Eater
- Death Note
- Claymore
- Loveless
- Kuroshitsuji
- Professor Layton
- Minecraft
- Legend of Zelda
- Adventure Time
- Warriors
- Evangelion
- League of Legends
- D.Gray Man
- Captain Claw
- Hamtaro
- Star Trek
- Dangan Ronpa
- Hetalia

These will be done in order by familiarity and during my leisure time. If you wanna see me draw a favorite show, game or character of yours, feel free to tell me! (btw I tend to be really slow getting through this lol sorry xD)

Neato animated pixels/dollies of my chars from others will go here:

Photobucket photo ezimba13456575512200_by_codedred-d6u4hcx_zps1c64012c.gif

 photo plysomon_gift_by_twilighttehcutiefox-d5ybjyh_zps41826c86.jpg

Summer Contest Results!

Fri Aug 15, 2014, 1:45 PM

*Sobs uncontrollably* This was so friggin hard I swear. If I knew so many of you would go all out I would've made more prizes :iconpapmingplz: I cant tell you how much joy it gives me when I see my dumb little brain children drawn out by other people. ;w; Its literally one of the happiness feelings for me. No really, oftentimes when I get stuff of my characters I hafta leave the computer for a bit cuz I get so overwhelmed with the feels. And I'm also really happy that many of you chose characters that dont get a lotta love compared to others. ^^ THAT MEANS A LOT QwQ

Anyways! I have finally came to a consensus with :iconkyogrefan: and we've chosen our winners! :D (sorry i didnt tell you guys he'd be judging too |D) Because of my indecisiveness and guilty feelings, I tweaked some of the prizes a bit. For 3rd place, you can now request 2 chibis if you wish. And now there will be 3 runner up prizes and instead of 1 hr experimental commissions, they will be 2 hour ones! I will also add some shading to the consolation prizes too. ^^ I'll start with the runner ups first and move my way up. 

For these runner ups, we were pretty much tied with these 3. Meaning we couldn't decide which one deserved a higher place above the other. :'D 

For the first runner up:

:iconagavny: with  wiki frash son contest detailssss by Agavny (sorry if the 1st drawing isnt popping up, it doesnt show on my preview ><)

This one was the only traditional entry but I was really impressed by the details she put in! Also she put gems in mang and even showed me a vid on how they sparkled. She also captured the spirit of DJ Phazers rave parties perfectly! I hafta admit Agavny was a bit at an advantage since I've roleplayed with her before and therefore knows a bit more about my characters than others might, but we havent done anything quite like this!

For the second runner up:

:iconsoronadragon: with CE: Sand Castle by SoronaDragon

I just really love the angle and coloring quality of this one. Not only that, but the expressions of the characters are great too!  I also read that this was something totally different than what she usually draws, so I was impressed! Its hard for me to describe, but this one just really gives me a lotta happy feelings. Also she made 2 entries man, I mean thats a lotta dedication right there. xD

For the third runner up:

:iconsolarpaintdragon: with Draggincat CE by SolarPaintDragon

This one I could tell she put a lot of effort into! I was impressed by the amount of characters she drew as well as conveying their personalities perfectly! The scenery is probably the thing I love the most about this one. The colors are beautiful and it just gives the whole picture a really pleasant feeling. Its hard to put in words of the feelings this one gives me ahah.

Congrats! All 3 of you win an experimental drawing of one character of your choice! :D

----------------------------------Now on to the winners! :'D---------------------------------

For 3rd place:

:iconsodabrus: withentry by Sodabrus

Gahhh just love the idea behind this so much! Skydiving didnt even cross my mind when I thought about summer themes :XD:  Not only do I love the bright coloring and tricky angles here, but I also love the actions my characters are doing! They complement their personalities well and it seems like something they would totally do haha. sfgsaf this one is just really fun to look at and I love it so much. ^^

Congrats! You win a free cell shaded drawing with a simple background with up to 2 (chibi style) characters of your choice! :D 

For 2nd place:

:iconwowwey: with I Scream For Ice Cream! by Wowwey

Amg how do i even describe this one xD I mean look at it lmao. Look at all that stuff goin on! Its like some kind of ice cream apocalypse! I hafta admit this one is probably one of the most creative ones out of the bunch. xD I also like how he chose all my old classic characters (the silly lookin ones i only draw on occasion now lol) and took the time to read into the Bestiary on my site and everything. He even got inspired to make a new character, whaddya know!

Congrats! You win a free cell shaded drawing with a semi- detailed background with up to 2 characters of your choice! :D


:iconnestly: with  Campfire Frights - Contest Entry by Nestly 

safsdgsagdsg I cant even describe the giddy feelings this one gives me. She drew my whole friggin team! xD Maybe as animals, but still! I absolutely love how she incorporated her characters and my characters personalities together and even paired some of em up together! (as friends of course, not romantically lol) Thats really the thing that sold me on this one.The campfire/ghost story idea may be pretty simple, but just the composition and the way she executed it really impressed me. :D

Congrats! You win a free fully rendered drawing with a detailed background and up to 3 characters max of your choice! :D


As for everyone else who participated, you will get a free flat colored (with some shading) bust shot of any one character of your choosing! Gahh I seriously wish I could give you something of equal value for your hard work, but alas this is all I can do for now. |D But anyways take a look at these other awesome entries! LOOK AT THEM. FAV THEM. EMBRACE THEM FOR ME. I'll even tell you what I love about em the most:

CANNON BALL! by TheDraconicBard This one was the first entry and Plyso's face still makes me lose it.

Summer Life by starloveswolves5 This one actually broke one of the rules but you made a friggin comic man! ;w; Also Mario Kart.

CE: Ice Cream and an Island by SparkMaster37 You made Jake in a doggy kemonomimi and now I too have the urge to draw him as a doggy kemonomimi. :'D

But it tastes like charcoal.. by lizardbug7 I love how you captured Piper's mean-spiritedness and just the whole atmosphere of this scene. ^^

Dragg by DawnfeatherPride You drew mah bae Gau! Also I love the design you made for Tracy's swimming outfit.

CE: Ice Cream Tumble by MangaFox156 I just love the expressions here and dat detail on that ice cream!

CE- Wanna Catch Some Fireflies by SoronaDragon You drew my OTP, nuff said.

Keith and Sheeza by Natalie02 You drew Keith mang. Hes like my husbando, along with my waifu Terry.

For Summer Contest by DragginCat by Koshshshka I just love the coloring of the ocean on this! Also you draw Cathy. EVERYONE FORGETS ABOUT HER.

All of the entries were moved to my regular OC collection folder, and they were also added in to my character website! If you drew a certain character feel free to check it out in their gallery with a crappy caption I wrote on each one. |D IF I FORGET TO ADD A DRAWING OF YOURS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SLAP MY FACE AND I'LL ADD IT IN RIGHT AWAY!

Prizes will be done in order of least to most complex, so consolation prizes will be done first, and then I will move up from there. :)

A :note: will be sent to you all shortly asking what you would like for your prize. ^^ And thanks so much again to you all for taking the time to participate in this contest! It really means a lot to me! ;w; :hug:


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